Antibacterial and anti-allergy quilted waterproof mattress pad

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The top fabric is 100% pure natural cotton super white with antibacterial and anti-allergy treatment

Filling is 100% soft mix 7D silicon white fiber .

Bottom is knit jersey fabric with breathable and waterproof TPU layer .

Skirt is 100% polyester knit and can be extend from 15”to 18” 

A protector pad that fits-with many of the mattress protectors on the market today , You struggle to get them on the mattress , and they barely fit after you wash the first time .Our mattress protector will not shrink ,because we used high quality cotton fabric.

100% Waterproof the TPU membrane is 100% waterproof . it is absorbent to provide a comfortable night;s sleep , while protecting your mattress dry and clean.

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Item No.:ZC241235

Antibacterial anti allergy quilted mattress pad

Material information

100% cotton

Top side

Antibacterial treatment




PVC wire bag with cardboard and insert or PDQ box




bedding products


Waterproof , dust mite , anti bacterial , anti allergy ,protector bed bugs , fluids and etc




10 years

Minimum quantity


Chemical antibacterial and anti-mite

Chemical antibacterial mites is to add antibacterial and anti-mite chemical additives in the fiber or fabric finishing process, and inhibit the reproduction of bacterial mites through the action of chemical additives, so as to achieve the purpose of antibacterial and anti-mite.

The autumn and winter season is a period of high incidence of respiratory diseases and atopic dermatitis, bacteria, dust mites and so on are the culprits of these problems. In the cold winter, most people's homes will be in a closed state for a long time, which provides favorable conditions for the growth and retention of bacterial mites. In the current winter epidemic situation, people need a clean and healthy living environment to avoid bacterial invasion and reduce their immunity.

Our mattress protector is with antibacterial treatment and it can It can effectively prevent the reproduction and growth of bacteria . it can keep our health and keep our life clean 

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