Gusseted air ventilation luxury cotton washable bed pillow shell with pipping pillow shell

Short Description:

●  Cover fabric is polyester cotton, cotton, polyester

●  Pillow shell sewing design can be changed according to customers demand

●  Your can chose with zipper and without zipper.

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● ITEM NO: ZC221103


● MQQ: 500PCS



● REGULAR PACKING : PVC zipper bag or PE bag bulk packing

● Delivery time : 15Working days

● Quality :5 years warranty

The main materials used for pillowcases are cotton, polyester and rayon. the most comfortable material is pure cotton fabric, good air permeability and moisture absorption, and does not irritate the skin. Silk pillowcase, also known as silk pillowcase, silk fiber queen, soft gold and may other reputation. More than 97 percent of its tissue is animal protein, rich in 18 essential amino acids, which are said to clean and maintain the skin and increase the vitality of skin cells.

The role of pillowcase or pillow protector are to protect the pillow core avoid damage, dirty when we sleep on pillow.
Our head is actually easier to sweat, so the role of the pillow protector is to absorb the sweat and oil secreted by the head skin.

Pillow is a tool which is used to sleep. It is generally believed that the pillow is people using padding for the comfort of sleep, and understanding from the modern medical research, human spine, look from the front is a straight line,but the side is has four physiological bending curve, in order to protect the neck of the normal physiological bending, maintain people sleep normal physiological activities, people must use pillows when they sleep. The pillow is made by pillow core and pillowcase. Chose the right pillow and chose the beautiful pillow shell is very important for our life


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