Natural anti bacterial bamboo charcoal quilted mattress pad

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Bamboo charcoal fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber,  which is extracted from high-quality natural bamboo and processed by special high-tech technology,   and then produced by glue making and spinning.Bamboo fiber products cover all aspects of people’s intimate life. Such as under wear,   towel,   bedding,  socks,   home clothes,   T-shirts and so on.

● Top is double jacquard knit fabric 200-230gsm

● Filling is soft silicon hollow fiber 3D-7D mix 150g/m2

● Bottom is brushed microfiber fabric

● Skirt is 100% polyester knit elastic jersey fabric

● 1.1cm elastic around bottom

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●ITEM NO: ZC2205


●MQQ: 500PCS

●SIZE : customized

●REGULAR PACKING : PVC zipper bag or PVC wire bag with insert

●Delivery time : 25 Working days

●Quality :10 years warranty

The bamboo topper quilted fabric is silky to the touch and helps transport body heat for a more comfortable night's sleep and the Sure Grip skirt hugs the mattress, resulting in the perfect bed topper. It feels like sleeping on a cloud. It's superior in quality, attractive in design and reasonable in price. 10YEAR WARRANTY

Products Features

Bamboo charcoal fiber is antibacterial benefits.

Bamboo charcoal fiber antibacterial rate can reach 94.5% . the the world’s largest inspection and testing certification agency SGS detection, that the same number of bacterial can multiply in cotton and wood products . but in bamboo and bamboo charcoal the bacterial can not live and will be die in 24hours .

Filling with Light and soft natural dark grey bamboo charcoal /polyester fiber

•Releases negative ions- Charcoals generate negative ions which work to relax the mind and body

•Deodorizes & Wicks Moisture- Its porous structure and large surface area helps abrosb sweat and deoderize scent

•Hypoallergenic - natural bamboo charcoal does not cause allergic reactions

•Sewn-through small diamond quilting design keeps the fiber fill in place and evenly distributed.

• The side of knitted farbic easily stretch to fit your mattress and make the mattress topper stays put and even when shifting or rolling over while sleeping

The bacteria on bamboo charcoal fiber fabric decreased by 94.5% after 24 hours ,

Bamboo charcoal is breathable and keep body cool and comfortable . so the dark bamboo charcoal is very popular in winter market .

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