We are pleased to introduce our newly developed mattress protector to you,it is made by cotton terry fabric with TPU.Its advantages are the main reason why you choose it.


100% Impervious to Liquids of All Kinds:
Everyone experiences unexpected “accidents” or spills in bed, so protecting your precious mattress is a must! Now, it’s easy with our premium mattress protector. Specially designed TPU membrane resists all liquids effectively including spills, perspiration, urine, and body fluids of all kinds. Great for kids, pets, incontinence care, etc…


0 Noise and Skin-friendly Mattress Protector
Specially designed TPU membrane is covered in ultra-soft 80% cotton or 100% cotton terry, making it soft and comfortable even for bare skin. Waterproof TPU coating is made of premium elastic material, ensuring there will be no crinkling sound or plastic feel to disrupt your valuable sleep.Waterproof mattress protector uses 100% skin-friendly surface fabric, even people with sensitive skin or babies can sleep naked!

q3 Ultimate Protection:
we use only materials that are free from Vinyl, BPA, phthalate, latex, lead, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals. Our mattress protector is designed to safeguard your mattress and you from chemicals that could cause irritation or illness. Suitable for asthma, and eczema sufferers.

q4 Easy to Clean & Long Lasting:
Repeated washing and drying will not cause deformation of our premium elastic material or damage.the specially designed waterproof membrane. Simply throw mattress cover into the washing machine and set washer to COLD.


Waterproof Barrier: Our mattress protector has an impermeable TPU backing that protects the top of the mattress. Mattress cover provides protection against perspiration, urine, liquids, and stains, prolonging the life of your mattress. The noiseless waterproof backing blocks liquids while allowing body heat and air to flow though, keeping your mattress cool and dry.q6
Fabric used soft and comfortable material 80% cotton terry surface allows air and heat to pass through.ensuring softness and great breathability. The specially designed waterproof TPU membrance is made of quality elastic material that is ultra-soft and flexible, and will not cause the rubbery.Swising sound that other protector protectors do.

q7 Round -the-clock care for mattress. Even just one accident can result in a permanent stain or odor on your mattress that can be near impossible to remove. Mattress protector mattress protector will provide lasting protection for your mattress, giving you peace of mind and safer sleep surface for you and your family.


Post time: Jan-02-2024