10TH OF OCT 2022

Mites are a large group of arthropods , of which three main categories are related to humans .

First , demodex mites , also know as tricystis , live in the sebaceous glands of human hair follicles . Usually the sebaceous glads inside most normal people, especially the developed parts of facial sebaceous glands , are parasitized by a small numberof demodex mites , which will not cause any serious consequences .

The second category , some dust mites in the ordinary living environment , house dust mites . They are widely distributed in the environment , especially dust , and in sheets and mattresses . They can use human dander as a food source .

The third group , the most specific scabies mite , is transmitted mainly through direct or indirect contact with a person with scabies .

In the following articles , we will introduce several simple ways to get ride of mites .

Post time: Oct-20-2022