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From 31st of OCT to 4th of NOV, 2023, the Canton Fair jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Guangdong Province officially ended in Guangzhou. As the domestic industry's leading bedding textile manufacturing company - SHIJIAZHUANG ZENGCHUN TEXTILE CO.,LTD exhibited pillow protector、Bamboo charcoal pillow protector、Copper mattress protector and Tencel quilted mattress protector and other products at this conference, all-round support for the development of the Canton Fair. The conference attracted a total of 150,000 customers to attend the site.

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ZENGCHUN show Satin pillowcase, Bed skirt, mattress pad , waterproof mattress encasement and etc .All of the products are made of high-quality recycled cellulose fiber fabric ,such as Lenzing silk as the core, which has ecological and environmental protection functions. The clothing made of green products not only has a natural luster, smooth feel, high strength, basically no shrinkage, but also has the characteristics of moisture permeability and good air permeability, so as to meet the needs of consumers for high-quality and personalized home life, and thus achieve the sustained growth and development of the market.

Miss Yue General of ZENGCHUN said at the meeting that in face of the complex and changing industry environment, the home textile market has a certain capacity at present, and there is potential for growth in the next five years. Home textile stores can continuously improve product quality and service level, seize the opportunity of consumption upgrading and market demand, actively expand sales channels and strengthen brand marketing to meet the needs of consumers.

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ZENGCHUN has been deeply engaged in the home textile industry for 16 years, always focus on the field of bed textile, and have about 90 customers and we have accumulated rich experience in service and implementation. In the future, ZENGCHUN company will cooperate with more industry experts and friends to jointly research and create, explore more products that meet user needs, and contribute to the development of home textile industry.

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Post time: Nov-10-2023