A Waterproof Mattress Pad Born in the Laboratory — Solve All Your Sleep Problems!


Why Choose This Mattress Pad Waterproof?
1.The latest quilting technology and the strictest material selection are only for the best quality Waterproof Mattress Pad Quilted.
2.With 100% super double waterproof TPU membrane, this mattress pad has passed hundreds of waterproof tests.
3.0 Noise generation makes waterproof mattress pad let you sleep soundly all night without being disturbed by plastic noise.
4. Adoting Thickened soft filling, mattress pad provides you with a ultimate sleep enjoyment like sleeping on a cloud.
5.High-rebound elastic band makes waterproof fitted mattress pad fits the mattress with depth of 6″-25″.
6.Using 100% skin-friendly fabric and waterproof TPU, our mattress pad meets the needs of various families and people.


The Upgraded 4-layer of the Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector:

*100% natural skin-friendly surface fabric of mattress pad waterproof lets you Say Goodbye to Any Skin Discomfort;
*The waterproof mattress cover uses breathable fabrics and fillers, which make your skin breathe freely. Say No to Sweaty and Stuffy Night;
*After water absorption test of different materials, upgrade durable layer of waterproof mattress pad can instantly absorb all liquids;
* Adopting double waterproof membrane, queen mattress protector waterproof will not let any accidental leakage ruin your precious mattress;

24-hour Ultimate Safeguard
With the enhanced waterproof TPU membrane without any leaking, the mattress protector protects your expensive mattress from stains and liquids.


Ultra-soft and Breathable
Made of thicker filling and microfiber, the unique airflow system is permeable for fresh air & moisture, our mattress cover brings you a sweet dream.


Deep Pocket Design
Side skirts adopt elastic fitting technology, our waterproof mattress protector can adjust and fix the mattress up to 18 inches deep.


This mattress cover ensures hugs each corner of your mattress to keep it in place throughout the night without bunching, sliding, or coming off. Offering you an extremely comfortable sleeping night.


Sleep Like A Baby
The noiseless fabric brings you comfortable sleep without a crinkling sound or plastic feel. The mattress protector waterproof will provide a great convenience for your golden sleep.


Easy Care & Clean
You only take the waterproof mattress protector off & slip it in your washing machine and then low tumble dry.Acting as s great pick for easy clean-up from frequent spills.Do Not Iron/Bleach/Dry Clean.


Breathable Mattress Protector, repels liquids through a 100% waterproof membrane Hypoallergenic: The Premium Mattress Protector is great for allergy, asthma, and eczema sufferers Ultra-thin, breathable soft cotton terry surface that’s machine washable & durable Protects against fluids, urine, perspiration and naturally absorbs moisture.


Post time: Dec-21-2023