Beauty pillow shell-Copper pillow shell

Copper fabric pillow shell has became a high range beauty product. Copper antibacterial fiber is a kind of functional fiber, which has the effects of blocking the spread of disease, eliminating odor and repairing skin, etc. It is a new type of antibacterial textile, popular in Europe and America. It is not a normal fabric after implanted copper oxide, it has all of advantage for skin just like copper. Due to scientific developed, copper pillow shell is magical. Copper fabric is made by copper-based antibacterial fiber, in a short way, the copper oxide is implanted into fabric when the fabric is spinning, then we will get copper antibacterial fiber.


In Year 2015, beauty products blogger Marnie Goldberg had recommended copper fabric pillow shell in her annual favorite skin care products, she felt her skin had been extremely promoted luminance and flexibility after using it.


Beauty products assessor Livlovesher makeup said after using copper fabric pillow shell, her dry skin had been relieved and no more facial edema while getting up. She also mentioned her hair was pliable and smooth even if her hair was wet before sleeping.

Copper is good for skin. As early as Year 2014, the most authoritative female magazine Bazaar interviewed Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Medicine Research, and he works the dermatology in New York Mount Sinai hospital, he verified copper can maintain skin.


There is faintly acid protective film out of skin.Copper fabric fiber and facial skin interact physically with each other.Moreover, it promotes blood circulation and eliminate fatigue, it is just like spa for skin all the time.

The feeling of fabric texture is similar to silk, the feel is so good when touching it. The fabric is smooth and soft although it is thick.

Whole person suddenly will be relaxed, when the fabric stick on the face.

It facilitates generating collagen and elastin. It resembles facial mask, it helps skin hold in moisture and making skin looks younger.

As everyone knows, dryness and nutrition loss is the main reason for wrinkling. If the skin can not absorb totally, it is a big waste to use rich nutrition of skin care products. Right now, it is very important to know that there is a pillow shell can hold in moisture, just like the facial mask.

Experienced skin experts have confirmed the reduction in wrinkles is significant after using copper pillow shell four weeks, the average reduction of wrinkle is at least 10%. In the meantime, increase skin elasticity is up to 30%! It maintains moisture and avoids water losing. On the other hand, the copper fabric is antibacterial fiber fabric, it inhibits bacterial generating and reproduction. Base on this reason, it reduce the bacterial sensitization and pimple.


Copper ion fiber has remarkable antibacterial effect on staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcus and candida albicans, and its antibacterial rate is 99%, which can reach the highest AAA standard in the national textile industry.

Copper fiber has three functions:

First, the copper fiber and the skin volatiles the moisture to produce the physical action, directly reaches the skin deep, regenerates more than ten times than usual collagen, thus eliminates the wrinkle and the discoloration.To achieve the effect of skin care and beauty.

2, copper fiber still can promote the blood circulation when morpheus, improve morpheus quality.

3. Copper fiber can build an antibacterial and bacteriostatic barrier for skin, making your life more environmentally friendly and healthy.

Post time: Jul-27-2023