Excellent properties of bamboo fiber

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With the continuous development of textile materials, more and more new materials are pouring into the field of materials. Bamboo is a common plant, but bamboo fiber is a new material that has been discovered and widely used in recent years. The so-called bamboo fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo. It is the the five natural natural fiber after cotton, hemp, hair and silk. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing characteristics, and has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-odor and anti-ultraviolet function. Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural green fiber in a real sense.

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Characteristics of bamboo fiber

Antibacterial property: bamboo fiber contains “bamboo Kun” antibacterial substance, which has the effect of deodorizing and deodorizing for close-fitting clothing.

Health care: ANTIOXIDANTS in bamboo elements can effectively remove free radicals in the body, bamboo fiber contains a variety of essential amino acids.

Anti-ultraviolet: THE ULTRAVIOLET penetration rate OF bamboo fiber is six in ten thousand, and the anti-ultraviolet ability is 417 times that of cotton. Bamboo fiber does not carry any free charge, antistatic, anti-itching.

Moisture absorption and drainage: among all the fibers, bamboo fiber moisture absorption and air permeability is the best known by experts as “breathing fiber”, towels used for a long time to wipe sweat without leaving odor.

Comfort: warm in winter and cool in summer, and can eliminate excess heat and water in the body.

Beauty: Bamboo fiber has natural and simple elegant texture.

Environmental protection: Bamboo fiber is a real environmental protection and green product, without any chemical composition and pollution, bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable.

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Bamboo fiber has strong antibacterial and bactericidal effects. According to AATCC6538, the antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber, flax fiber, sesame fiber and cotton fiber were tested. It can be seen that bamboo fiber, flax and reed hemp all have strong antibacterial effect, and its antibacterial effect is incomparable to that of any artificially added chemical substance. The characteristics of natural, environmental protection, lasting and health care are completely different from those of artificially processed antibacterial fiber, and its antibacterial effect has a certain light and modest effect. Because bamboo fiber contains chlorophyll-copper sodium, it has good deodorization effect. The RESULTS SHOW THAT THE deodorization RATE OF bamboo fiber fabric to ammonia is 70%~72%, and the deodorization rate to acid odor is 93%~95%. In addition, sodium copper chlorophyllin is a safe and excellent ultraviolet absorber, so bamboo fiber fabric has a good ultraviolet protection effect.

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Bamboo fiber is a kind of new natural fiber, which is made by combining physical and chemical methods. There is an essential difference between natural bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber. Bamboo fiber belongs to natural fiber, and bamboo pulp fiber belongs to chemical fiber. The successful development of bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber, which is in line with the national industrial development policy. Natural bamboo fiber has good properties such as moisture absorption, air permeability, antibacterial and antibacterial, deodorization and UV protection.

Post time: Dec-13-2023