How to identify the washing methods of different kinds of bedding products ?

Washing sings include : water washing , water temperature , detergent variety regulations , ironing sings , drying precautions , rinsing .
Washing can be expressed in the sink , hand washing can only be done by hand , and machine washing can be done by machine .
Water temperature does not exceed 40 degree , weak washing does not exceed 40 degree , medium speed washing does not exceed 40 degree . Detergent varieties are suitable for all dry cleaning solvents , short -time dry cleaning and low temperature dry cleaning should be noted .Ironing mark can be ironed , the temperature does not exceed 120 degree , must be ironed cloth , when drying , it can be wrung out , hung to dry , flat to dry , drip dry need to be careful .
When cleaning the waterproof mattress protector , please pay more attention to the following :
1)Waterproof products contain polyurethane film or layer ,so when choosing a cleaning agent ,it is the best to choose a special detergent . Do not use detergent contain bleach and softener.
2)Check the washing label before cleaning to understand the correct cleaning procedure ,waterproof mattress protector products need to cleaned separately ,using warm water and mild cleaning agent
3)Choose a hand wash or gentle washing machine model ,and try to choose a gentle washing procedure to protect the waterproof layer.
4) Drip impermeability is a characteristic of waterproof products , so be especially careful when rinsing to avoid excessive rubbing and scrubbing .
5) After processing , the excess water needs to gently patted dry ,which can be dried on the balcony or dried in a low temperature dryer. Do not iron waterproof fabric ,this will destroy the waterproof layer .
6) In short , the products of waterproof products need to be updated and paid attention to . can not use detergents containing bleach , softener or bleaching ingredients, choose special detergents , avoid excessive friction and scrubbing and pay attention to the patting dry of post-treatment water and do not iron.

Post time: Jul-10-2023