Mattress care precautions

Ask a question: "how do you clean the bed in your bedroom?"

Most people's answers are nothing more than: changing the sheets and quilt covers on the bed regularly and drying the quilt frequently, but few people pay attention to the problem of the mattress because it is usually hidden under the sheets and bedding. But you really can't ignore it. About one-third of one's life is spent in bed. The mattress will stink. It will breed all kinds of bacteria and mites. Do you dare to let it go? Today, we will introduce in detail how to take care of the mattress and make it in good working condition for a long time.

What to do: use a mattress cover

This is crucial! It's also easy: peel off the mattress cover and throw it into the washing machine, or even into the trash can (if it's really dirty or badly damaged!), It's much easier than fiddling with your real mattress. You have to believe that even if the mattress cover is damaged to the point where you can't bear to look directly, your mattress still looks very new, which is similar to the function of a mobile phone protective case.

It's important to note that mattress manufacturers recommend that customers use protective mattresses, as any stain will actually invalidate your warranty.

Don't do: wet the mattress

Don't mix the mattress with water. Although spring clockwork doesn't like water, the mattress's own material can't handle water at all. Liquids are trapped in their cellular structures and then have nowhere to go. So if you need to clean stains, use less detergent and water and suck them dry like a madman.

What to do: speed up drying

If the mattress comes into contact with water, dry it at an ultra fast speed. Electric fans can be used, or even multiple fans can be used. If possible, use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to absorb excess water (of course, use clean accessories). Don't consider sleeping on a mattress until it's completely dry.

Don't: try to do it yourself

No matter how convenient your time is, or how many successful DIY projects you use your own tools, some things are more reliable for experts to do. When some heavy work, such as bedbug removal and steam cleaning, involves your knowledge blind area, you must want professionals to help you deal with it. Bedbugs are a troublesome problem because their spread has nothing to do with anyone. It is difficult for individuals to deal with them. At this time, you have to ask experts to deal with your mattress, bedroom and other affected areas of the house.

To do: flip and turn seasonally

The weight of different parts of our body on the mattress is different - different people also have different weight on the mattress. For some couples, the weight difference between the two may be several tens of kilograms. In order to ensure the wear of the mattress over time, turn and rotate the mattress alternately every season. Turn the mattress over in spring, rotate it 180 degrees in summer, and so on.

Post time: Jan-25-2022