Natural Anti Bacterial Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector for the best sleep of your life!

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* NATURAL Anti Bacterial BAMBOO BARRIER FOR SLEEPING: The right size plastic mattress cover. Eco friendly bamboo fiber, non plastic odor, safe for small kids, pet and people with delicate skin; this 3D bamboo healthy waterproof mattress cover defends mattress around while repelling fluid, stain,breaths your skin, without worrying of runny eyes; With our waterproof mattress protector, no need worrying dirty substance sneak into your life. So long night sweats, tonight just enjoy deep sleep like baby.

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 * ULTIMATE WET GUARDER BLOCKS LIQUIDS FULLY: The impermeable TPU and bamboo fiber of this waterproof bed cover shields and absorbs spilled moisture, pee from leaking to mattress but ventilated for airflow to pass; combined high density polyester and processed with strict craft, the protective mattress cover saves your premium mattress from stain, urine and sweat and keep it as new as always. Bye bye bed wetting, let kids just be kids and enjoy every authentic moment with your beloved.

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Post time: Feb-01-2024