Tencel fabric as a special fiber woven fabric, how to wash and maintain it?

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Cleaning method of Tencel
1.The strength of Tencel fabric is relatively high, relatively washable, can be washed by hand at room temperature, wet strength is relatively high, and the shrinkage rate is very small. But pay attention when cleaning.
2. Tencel fabric cleaning should  pay attention to be polluted, some  simple faded clothes should not be mixed with Tencel fabric clothes to wash together, cleaning is best to use neutral cleaning agents, do not use alkaline washing machines, such as soap, washing powder and so on.
3.If it’s a machine wash, you must change the washing machine  mode to a soft mode, the cleaning force should be small, the time should not be too long, so do not use the drying function. If the hand wash is soft, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.
4.Air drying hanging air drying, do not expose to the sun, store in a cool ventilated and dry place . The high temperature of the ironing bottom plate should not exceed 110 degrees, be careful not to use a steam iron to ironing, simply appear water marks, and cannot be repaired.
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Sky Tencel cloth under what circumstances is simple pilling
1. Use machine washing
Machine washing will make the day Tencel in repeated external force friction, the fiber will be very simple from the surface, forming an effect similar to the grinding of peach skin wool, that is, we usually say the hair. So, when cleaning Tencel, wash it better by hand.
2. Soak too long
When cleaning Tencel, do not soak or clean for too long, because Tencel fiber hygroscopic performance is good, long time soaking, the movement between the fibers in water increases, the friction coefficient increases, which simply leads to severe fibrillarity tendency, manifested as Tencel is easy to pilling.
3.Wash the washing machine dry
After the Tencel is cleaned, if the use of twist, machine drying and other ways, because the fiber rigidity of the Tencel is strong, spinning yarn simple loose, resulting in easy to produce feathers, the result is the lifting and lifting of the fabric. Just squeeze the water out slightly, and then let it dry, no need to shake dry.
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 How to maintain the sky Tencel cloth
1.Dry cleaning can be washed, dry cleaning  effect is better.
2.Wash with immersion, soaking time can not be too long, water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees
3. Hand washing to gently knead, avoid rubbing, brushing, do not wring hard, leveling after the natural dry.
4. The function of slow washing should be adopted when machine washing, and do not dehydration after cleaning.
5. Dry to 80% of the medium temperature ironing, the surface will be more flat, smooth.
6. After cleaning and folding, put into the packaging bag and save.






Post time: Nov-16-2023