Test method for antibacterial

AATCC-147 , It is known as parallel marking method , is a semi-quantitative test method for antibacterial efficacy of textiles , which can be used to determine the antibacterial ability of textiles with diffused antibacterial agents relatively quickly and conveniently .

AATCC147 is applied to the identification of antibacterial leaning of textile materials , which is a semi-quantitative analysis of antibacterial function of textile materials.

AATCC-147 method is the quantitative cultivation liquid ( including number must have intention of staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial child ) add to the cultivation of nutrient AGAR plate have dishes , make its appearance in AGAR from five parallel stripes , put to the cultivation liquid sample of vertical strips , and quietly kneading , closely touch with AGAR appearance .At a certain temperature for a certain amount of time , The antibacterial ability of the fabric is characterized by the width of the antibacterial zone around the fringes touched by the sample

Post time: May-11-2022