Which is better, bamboo fiber fabric or cotton?

Bamboo fiber fabric and pure cotton fabric both are good. Bamboo fiber fabric is new fabric in the world, it has been using by business purpose since Year 2005. More and more living stuff made from Bamboo fiber fabric. There are some differences between Bamboo fiber fabric and pure cotton, the following will compare some features between these fabrics.
From the perspective of water absorption, the water absorption of bamboo fiber fabric is better than pure cotton fabric. The amount of bamboo fiber per unit volume is more, so bamboo fiber fabrics are better than cotton fabrics in terms of the speed and amount of moisture absorbed. In actual using, bamboo fiber fabrics are also better at absorbing sweat and keeping dry.
From the perspective of antibacterialbility , the ingredients in bamboo fiber fabrics are mainly extracted from bamboo, so its antibacterial properties are better than pure cotton fabrics. This means that bedding made of bamboo fiber fabric is easier to inhibit the growth of bacteria and avoid to become stink. In contrast, cotton fabrics tend to accumulate bacteria and sweat odors and need to be washed and replaced more frequently.
Oil stains are less likely to adhere on Bamboo fiber fabrics, because bamboo fiber structure is special, while pure cotton fabrics are difficult to clean oil stains. It does not mean that bamboo fiber fabrics can’t absorb oil, but it’s just non-stick oil, the bamboo fiber has a small pore distance, and the oil molecules are larger, so it is difficult to get inside the bamboo fiber, it’s just attached to the surface, and it is easy to remove the oil stain while we do a ordinary wash, so the bamboo fiber doesn’t stick to oil.
As the difference in organizational structure, bamboo fiber fabrics are not easy to generate static electricity, while pure cotton fabrics is easily to generate static electricity.
 Because bamboo fiber fabrics needs more complex processes, and the process of pure cotton fabrics is much simpler, so cotton fabrics are more affordable in price
The surface of bamboo fiber is not curled, the bamboo texture woven fiber fabric is delicate, soft and comfortable, and the feeling is softer than the cotton, while pure cotton fiber is naturally curled, therefore the cotton fiber textile smoothness is not as good as bamboo fiber, and the touching is a little rough, so the texture of bamboo fiber is softer than cotton, high breathability, and more body comfortable.
If there are higher requirements for environmental protection, bamboo fiber is a more environmentally friendly choice. Because the growth of bamboo does not require the application of various chemical fertilizers, in the meantime, it can produce negative ions and insect-proof antibacterial effects, so its growth process is free of pesticide pollution due to the absence of diseases and pests. Bamboo fiber adopts high-tech means in the whole manufacturing process and does not contain any chemical additives. Experts pointed out that it is a degradable fiber and can be completely decomposed in the soil, without causing damage to the surrounding environment, and is a natural and environmentally friendly green fiber in the true sense. Unfortunately, In order for cotton to grow fast and yield high, growth regulators, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides are generally used to achieve the effect, which will inevitably make cotton fabrics have pesticide residues and fertilizer residues, so environmental considerations, cotton fabrics will be inferior to bamboo fibers.

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In short, we can choose more suitable fabrics based on season, demands, and personal preferences.


Post time: Jul-19-2023