Anti-static Anti-bacterial comfortable luxury quilted graphene mattress pad

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Advantages of graphene quilted mattress pad : Because of its low resistivity , graphene has excellent electrical conductivity , which is the main reason shy graphene is antistatic . In addition to antistatic , graphene also has electromagnetic shielding function , which makes graphene fabric the preferred fabric for production of mining professional clothing.

The graphene fabric has extremely strong tensile and strength , and the fabric also has very good elasticity . The graphene fabric also has good bacteriostasis and bacteriostasis . This kind of fabric itself does not contain poison , and it is skin-friendly and comfortable after being made into clothing , which has a particularly excellent wearing experience. It can also be worn close to the skin , and the graphene fabric has good health effect.

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Product name Anti-static Anti-bacterial graphene quilted mattress pad
Material Graphene material infused jacquard knit fabric 210-300g
Filling 100% polyester hollow fiber
Color Any colors according to your request
Design Quilted
Minimum quantity 500pcs
Sample Sample is free , but customer need to suffer sample shipping cost . We will deduct the cost from customer’s order
Sample time 3 days
Payment terms TT  or DP
Trade Terms FOB  CIF  DDP

Graphene is a new carbonaceous material with carbon atoms closely packed into a single-layered two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure. Its thickness is only 0.335 nm, which is only one part of 200,000 times that of hair. It is the construction of other dimensions of carbonaceous material. The basic units of materials (such as zero-dimensional fullerenes, one-dimensional carbon nanotubes, three-dimensional graphite) have excellent crystallinity, mechanical properties, and electrical quality.

Products Features

1 Antibacterial function

The Escherichia coli and staphylococcus can be multiplied in cotton and wood fiber products. If put the Escherichia coli and staphylococcus onto bamboo fabric, one hour later, 48% of the bacteria disappeared , and 75% of bacterial were killed after 24 hours.

2 health care function

The anion from bamboo fiber can reach 6000pcs per cubic centimeter. so the bamboo fiber making human body feel fresh and comfortable

3 Moisture absorption and sweat releasing

The porous structure of bamboo fiber are with good moisture absorption and releasing. so the bamboo products can automatically adjust the temperature of the human body.

4 Deodorization function

The bamboo fiber have strong absorption capacity, it can absorb formaldehde, benzene, toluene and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate the bad odor.

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