Tencel cooling waterproof mattress protector

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Tencel fabric has outstanding ecological function and wearability. Compared with natural textile raw materials, tencel fabric has more scientific and technological innovation significance, higher fashion value, occupying the trend advantage, huge space for growth, and can create more business opportunities for fashion brands

● Top fabric :100% tencel jacquard knit waterproof mattress protector

● Skirt is 100% polyester mesh knit fabric

● 1.1cm elastic around bottom

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● ITEM NO: ZC2228


● MQQ: 500PCS



● REGULAR PACKING : PVC zipper bag with cardboard and insert or Print PDQ box packing

● Delivery time : 25 Working days

● Quality :10 years warranty

Tencel fabrics have the "comfort" of cotton, the "strength" of polyester, the "luxurious beauty" of wool and the "unique touch" and "soft droopy" of real silk, and are extremely tough in both dry and wet conditions.In its wet state, it was the first cellulosic fiber to outperform cotton in wet strength.100% natural materials, coupled with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, make the lifestyle based on protecting the natural environment, fully meet the needs of modern consumers

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Products Features

Protecting the mattress
When we sleep in the night, the body release sweat, oil and skin flakes, these substances get absorbed by the mattress, and help feed Dust Mites&Bacterial, The TPU lamination could efficiently to shop it !

Protecting the health of the sleeper
The use of a mattress protector is often recommended to individuals who are known to be susceptible to certain kinds of allergies, especially dust mites .Dust mites produce waste products that irritate the lining of the airways and lungs and particularly with children can bring on allergic reactions, asthma and can irritate skin conditions such as eczema.

A mattress should be one of the most costly components in the bedroom, we will lay on the mattress at least 8-9 hours per day. so we need to protect our mattress and health. Mattress protectors prolong the life of your mattress while protecting the mattress from dust, dirt, stains and more. Mattress protector impermeable to help stop the penetration of bed bugs through fabric.

According to different size and design of mattress, we can chose the suitable size,design and material of mattress protector. Our factory can do different designs of mattress protector according to customers’ request. The popular ones are : mattress pad, mattress protector, mattress encasement, box spring encasement, anchor band mattress protector and etc.

The regular fabric of mattress protector are : microfiber, cotton, polyester cotton, different kinds of jacquard and etc.

Types of Mattress Pads and mattress protectors

Fitted: A fitted pad is like a thick, fitted sheet, with a bit of quilting on the top and fitted, elastic sides to make sure that the pad does not move around.

Anchor: Anchor pads are a cheaper version, covering the top of the mattress and anchored by elastic bands in the corners.

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