• 10TH OF OCT 2022

    10TH OF OCT 2022

    Mites are a large group of arthropods , of which three main categories are related to humans . First , demodex mites , also know as tricystis , live in the sebaceous glands of human hair follicles . Usually the sebaceous glads inside most normal people, especially the developed parts of facial se...
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  • The 132nd China Import and Export Fair

    On September 15, the 132nd China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Canton Fair”) issued a notice on the expansion of the 132nd Canton Fair Export exhibition application matters. The online exhibition of the 132nd China Import and Export Fair will extend its service h...
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  • Now more and more customers request us use LDP trade term.

    Now more and more customers request us use LDP trade term.

    The LDP trade term is “duty paid”. Generally , this is one of the great responsibilities of the seller . In addition to the customs clearance insurance and freight of the exporter , the seller shall bear the risks and costs of the whole process , provide the import license and bear all the import...
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  • What about the cool fiber and cool fabric function ?

    Cool fabric adopts unique technology , which can rapidly spread body heat , accelerate sweat discharge and lower body temperature , and keep the fabric cool and comfortable . This is sportswear and outdoor leisure clothing fabric new innovation . Cool fabric will provide people with comfortable a...
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  • Who is likely to be affected

    UK manufacturers of plastic packaging, importers of plastic packaging, business customers of manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging, and consumers who buy plastic packaging or goods in plastic packaging in the UK. To mitigate against disproportionate administrative burdens in comparison...
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  • Test method for antibacterial

    AATCC-147 , It is known as parallel marking method , is a semi-quantitative test method for antibacterial efficacy of textiles , which can be used to determine the antibacterial ability of textiles with diffused antibacterial agents relatively quickly and conveniently . AATCC147 is applied to the...
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  • Standard crib mattress encasement and protector

    Standard crib mattress encasement and protector

    Standard size :28”x52”x5.75” When babies are first born , their immune system are still developing . Eliminating allergens in the nursery goes a long way toward keeping them healthy. Here are five tips to help limit the number of allergens and asthma instigators in your home and nursery! 1 Wash B...
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  • Spring edition of intertextile Shanghai Apparel to begin from April 14 of 2022

    At the spring edition of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics which will be held from April 14-16 2022. buyers can find latest and most innovative products that are driving and thriving off the developments in the market .The fair will show sustainable and athleisure products that will continue ...
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  • 2022 News  Greeting From Customer.

    2022 News Greeting From Customer.

    Dear Yukie , I want to take this occasion to extend our warm wishes from our company to yours. We wish you, your family & friends a joyful and prosperous New Year filled in growth and success.  With plenty of new exciting hopes, health, peace & happiness!! May it...
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